English for Dentistry
Hello, my name is Hamdan Alseraidi. I come from the United Arab Emirates . I have scholarship from my country to study dentistry in Canada but first I needed to learn English Language. Therefore, I joined ILI in August 2003 for one year to get prepared for the university. There is no doubt that Halifax one of the best cities where you can get educated and learn English Language. It has friendly, kind and open-minded people who start talking to you anywhere. This helps you improve your spoken language. All teachers at ILI are excellent. With their experience I learnt English Language and got accepted at Mount Saint Vincent University . . Thanks to ILI for positioning Mrs. Ragaa Abdelsalam as an Account Manager for Arabic Speaking Countries. In addition to the social activities which is organized on weekly basis at ILI .

Hamdan AlseraidiUAE

Prepared for Dalhousie
Asslamu Alikoum
My name is Firas Al-Hoshan, from Ryiadh/Saudi Arabia. I studied English Language for 3 months at ILI, Halifax to get prepared for Dalhousie University enrollment. I have an unforgettable good time. Besides learning English, I met people from all around the world.
Halifax is a wonderful city with very friendly and open-minded people with whom you can start a conversation anytime. The teachers are excellent!! I learned a lot and had fun at the same time. Each week there were social activities where I enjoyed each activity and learned theCanadian culture. I'm very happy that I decided to study english at ILI.

Firas Al-HoshanSaudi Arabia

Business English
Hi I'm Ulrich from Germany. I'm already 54 years old and I improved my skills in business English in a 2 weeks intensive course. Each day 6 classes with 3 or 4 differnet teachers. It was a tough job, but I worked hard and finally I have been successful.
The teachers were very amicable and I felt good even though I had to practise some nerve-racking exercises. The teachers were very well prepared for the classes and the business English course book was excellent. I have learned a lot of vocabulary and idoms. Tremendous in-roads has been made over the last decades by the American technologies all over the world, so it is absolutely necessary to speak and to understand the American business language.
Therefore I have chosen ILI because there was the best chance for me to learn the American business language. If I would have to decide again, I came back again to the ILI in Halifax and the beautiful Nova Scotia. In a nutshell: it was a pleasure and it was very succesfull. Many thanks to my teachers Nadia, Connie, Ruth, John, Nicolle, Karen, Ellen and Sandee.


We Miss ILI!
Hello!!! We are Rosalinda Valladares and Carolina Chapela.
We were ILI´S students in the period of august until December. We were very glad to be there because we made many friends. We have good memories about ILI.
We think that Halifax is a good place and ILI is a very nice Institute that you can learn about other cultures, and have new experiences in different kinds of activities that ILI offers like Cape Breton, PEI, Bowling, sports activities and Halloween. We have a lot of pictures about the unforgettable experiences that we had there.
By the way, we miss ILI a lot, our host families, and our friends: Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, etc. We are still having friends studying there.
We wish to come back to ILI some day, because we want to see you again. Thank you!

Rosalinda Vallada and Carolina ChapelaMexico

I met new people!
My name is Abdulhadi Abdullah Al-Abdulhadi from Saudi Arabia. I decided to get enrolled at the International Language Institute/Halifax in Canada in order to accomplish my goal in learning English Language to improve my second language skills Although I experienced hardship feeling homesick I was able to benefit a lot with the help of my teachers from the programs I attended. Now I can get over my educational problems at the University in Saudi Arabia.
In addition to the English Language Programs there are the Social activities which introduce the student to the Canadian culture while enjoying the beautiful scenery located on the Atlantic Ocean. I also met new people and earned new friendships.
Finally, I am very grateful to my father who supported me while travelling to Canada in order to learn English and I hope I always earn his trust.

Abdulhadi AbdullaSaudi Arabia

Everyone here helped me to achieve a good score in the IELTS test
Hi, my name is Abdullah Babaier from Saudi Arabia. I came to ILI to enhance my English language skills in preparation to study Master’s degree in Engineering here in Canada. My plan was to write an IELTS test as it was one of the requirements for the program enrolment. Since ILI is an official IELTS and TOEFL test center, there is no better place that can provide test preparation courses of such a quality. Everyone here helped me to achieve a good score in the IELTS test which allows me to study in any Canadian University.
There are many reasons why ILI is a special school. First thing, is the lovely atmosphere that makes you feel at home where all students and teachers are close to each other like a family. Moreover, every student will be put on a special plan in order to achieve their goals. In addition, the teachers here are well trained and educated which allow students to learn faster. Also, everyone here is eager to help students in both studies and social issues.
In additional to this, there is a lot fun besides studying. The social activities that are arranged by the school are a good opportunity to discover how beautiful Nova Scotia is. Also, you can experience new adventures such as skiing, skating, and tidal bore rafting. You can also learn more about the Canadian culture in these activities as well.
I recommend this great institute to anyone who wants to learn English, either for their studies and profession or just for fun, to come to ILI and there will be no doubt that they will be fully satisfied.

Testimonials_Abdullah Babaier
Abdullah BabaierSaudi Arabia

Wonderful City
My name is Sabine and I from Switzerland.
I've been here in ILI, Halifax, for 3 month studying English. I'm having an unforgettable good time. Besides learning English, I'm meeting people from all around the world.
Halifax is a wonderful city with very friendly and open-minded people with whom you can start a conversation anytime. The teachers are excellent!! I can learn a lot and have fun at the same time. Each week there are social activities where we can learn the Nova Scotia culture. I'm very happy I decided my self for this city and this institute.


Like real friends
All the teachers and staff at ILI are very kind and approachable like real friends, and they show me whatever I would like to know until I completely understand it. ILI also enforces the English Only Policy strictly, which gives violators a violation card・and an extra English assignment. We can use computers for free, join a book club, or study TOEFL after school. All these teacher-supervised activities give us many opportunities to ask questions.
Halifax is a very safe and small city and its people are really friendly and kind.
Whenever I am lost, somebody on the street talks to me and helps me out. The bus driver talks to me on my way to school every day. Those are the times when I feel time is passing more slowly here and that Halifax is such a wonderful place.


Language for Career
My name is abdulla Al-Dousari from Saudi Arabia. I joint ILI to learn English Language in order to develop my career. although I missed my home and faily I enjoyed my learning experience at ILI. Through the social activities I visited many interesting places at the east coast of Canada and that improved my language and introduced me to Canadian culture, met new people and have new friendships. Arabic Department headed by Ragaa Abdelsalam who assists Arabic Student. In addition to the daily classes at ILI staying with a Canadian Family through ILI homestay program assisted in practicing my language every day. I really benefited a lot form learning English at the International Language Institute in Halifax / Canada. it was a great experinece and I'll try it again.

Abdulla Al-DawsarySaudi Arabia

ILI is aware of how social relationships have influence on the student's way of learning
Learning a new language is always challenging and difficult. From my perspective ILI has a good understanding of how to optimize the process of learning because they only hire qualified and competent teachers.
ILI is aware of how social relationships have influence on the student's way of learning. In order to approach this ILI provides social activities.

Testimonials_Tina Andersen
Tina AndersenDenmark

Best Experience!
To me, ILI was one of my best experiences in my life. ILI helped me improve my English.
The institute has a good method of teaching English. I'm practicing my English everywhere, in the school and with my host family. My Host family helps me with my English and teaches me about the Canadian culture.
I meet different cultures here at ILI because in the school I have classmate from all around the world. The Institute has Social activities every Friday, which I enjoy a lot.
I recommend this Institute to all the people, who want to study English because it is an unforgettable experience, you learn English and at the same time you have a lot of fun.


I have met a lot of friends who come from different countries.
I have been at ILI for more than eight months. I’m taking the University Preparation course right now. It’s a great opportunity to practice my English before going to university. Meanwhile, I have met a lot of friends who come from different countries. We not only learn from our different cultures, but also can improve our English.
The other exciting part of ILI is the abundance of social activities. In the winter time, teachers will make plans to go skiing andrnattend hockey games. In the summer time, they travel to places like Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton.
I believe that a lotrnof people think they would get homesick if they went far away from their family. The answer is No1! I’m living with my Homestay family, my Homestay mom is a warm-hearted person and also she is a good cook. When I want to eat Chinese food, she usually cooks traditional Chinese food for me. Here is just like my second home. She treats me like herrnown daughter.
I’m enjoying my lifernin ILI, hence I recommend ILI. You are veryrnwelcome here. Be happy and enjoy it.

Testimonials_Yang Yang
Yang YangChina

To achieve my goal of getting a very good score in IELTS in a short time
My name is Mahmoud Sami Basheikh. I am from Saudi Arabia. I came to Canada to study a master degree in engineering.
I have been in ILI for a year. I enjoyed the social activities such as PEI and Camping with the school. Those activities exposed me to the most exciting parts of Nova Scotia. I had a lot of fun and a fabulous time which will stick in my memory for ever.
At the end, I wanted to thank allrnteachers who taught me and helped me to improve my English and to achieve my goal of getting a very good score in IELTS in a short time. That accomplishment was a dream for me. Special thanks for Sandee who planned my courses and helped me to pass the obstacles that I had.

Testimonials_Mahmoud Sami
Mahmoud Sami BasheikhSaudi Arabia