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ILI General English program is based on five 8-week terms and one 10- or 11-week term in the year. You may begin your studies on the first day of any week of the year and study for as many weeks as you wish.

ILI University Preparatory (UP) program has been divided into three 4-week courses (UP-English A, B, and C). If students do not meet the requirements of all three courses, they will receive a grade of Incomplete (not Fail) and may then take the session that was the weakest in order to satisfy the requirements of the UP program. To satisfy university or college admission requirements students must pass the 3 UP sessions. Students who fill certain conditions, like stronger IELTS marks, might be able to complete the program in 8 weeks.

You will notice that during the summer, each module is covered in 9 weeks. It is not easier. And it is the same price as the regular program. It is more intensive. The requirements are the same as for the regular program. You will have to work harder."

The IELTS program is available at the Upper-intermediate levels (CEFR B2 and higher, IELTS 5.5 and higher)

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Please note that all students under the age of 19 years are required to live with an ILI Host Family.

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Health and accident insurance are mandatory for all ILI students. Will you purchase your insurance from ILI?

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1. Registration constitutes an agreement that ILI will provide a program of instruction and that I will follow the program of instruction for the period covered by my paid tuition.
2. Any request to change this agreement must be made in writing at least two weeks before any affected semester.
3. If I request placement with an ILI approved Host Family, I understand that the first four weeks of Host Family fees are non-refundable
4. Students under the age of 19 must pay all host family accommodation fees (for the entire duration of their studies) at the time of registration.
5. Health and Accident Insurance is mandatory for all ILI students. I will maintain valid insurance during my entire study period at ILI.
6. If I choose not to purchase health and accident insurance through ILI, I will provide the Registrar with a copy of my insurance policy before the start of my study period.
7. Students under the age of 19 are subject to the terms of the ILI Agreement Governing Minor Students.
8. ILI will disclose student information to third parties where the third party is a parent, a legally responsible guardian, a Canadian host parent, a government or corporate sponsor that has paid for the student's instruction, or where the student initiates the request and gives ILI his or her written unconditional and irrevocable consent to do so, or where ILI is required to provide personal information of the student by Canadian Law or Court Order.

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In submitting this application I understand and agree that:

I qualify for a refund only after completing my first full semester (8 weeks) of full-time study at ILI including the original start date.
Any eligible refund is subject to a 30% administrative processing charge.
ILI does not refund the discounted portion of tuition pre paid to an agent.



Thank you for applying to study at the International Language Institute! To qualify for admission, please complete and submit this application form. Upon receipt of your application, the Registrar's office will inform you of your fees. ILI will issue a Letter Of Accetance (LOA) upon receipt of full payment of your fees.

Your application is not considered complete until your program fees are paid in full. In order to receive homestay information, be picked up at the airport, or attend classes, all applicable fees must be paid three weeks before your start date.

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