1. Refunds Before You Begin Studies at ILI

You qualify for a full refund of your pre-paid tuition only

  • if you have been denied authorization to study in Canada and provide documentation from the proper Canadian authority stating that your application to study in Canada was denied; or
  • if you fail to sign the ILI-Student Agreement after you have completed program placement testing and before you begin your first class at ILI.

These refunds apply to tuition only.  There is no refund for registration fees or other services that ILI may have provided. If you have paid ILI directly, ILI will take care of your refund.  If you used an ILI agent, and you paid the ILI fees to your agent, contact the agent first to get your refund.   ILI does not refund the discounted  portion of tuition pre-paid to an agent.  ILI requires a minimum of two weeks to process refund cheques.


  1. Refunds After You Begin Studies at ILI

If you are already studying at ILI and wish to withdraw, you are eligible for a refund of unused tuition only if you have completed at least one full semester (8 weeks) of full-time study and submit the appropriate form at the reception desk by Friday, two weeks before the start of the semester that your withdrawal affects.

You do not qualify for a refund if

  • you have been put on probation by the Director of Studies
  • you are required to withdraw from ILI for reasons of inappropriate, unacceptable, or aggressive personal behaviour,
  • ILI has issued a letter on your behalf for the purposes of renewing your authorization to study in Canada, or
  • you have missed or have been late for classes for reasons that are within your control, including cultural adjustment.


All approved refunds involving study at ILI incur an administrative charge of 30%.  Even in special situations the refund is subject to the 30% administrative fee.   ILI requires a minimum of two weeks to process refund cheques.