ILI has pathway agreements with the following colleges: da Vinci College,  Maritime Business College,  Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education, Nova Scotia Community College,  Sprott Shaw College and Success College. This confirms that students who qualify academically for admission and successfully complete ILI’s UP English program will be considered as having met the college’s minimum English language requirement and will not be required to undergo further testing.

da Vinci College

Da Vinci College is a private career college that offers programs in Art, Technology and Health Care. They are industry leaders in the area of audio and video digital arts, and now offer career training in the growing health care sector.

If you are a creative or caring person with a fascination for technology, they offer career training for you. Career choices include animation for film and games, digital film making and photography, graphic design, web development, audio production, IT administration, and more. If your passion is more for people and pets, they can train you to be a Continuing Care Assistant or Veterinary Hospital Assistant. You’ll be taught by experienced, industry professionals with other like-minded students. But they give you more than just cool skills and valuable knowledge; they prepare you for real jobs that are waiting for you to take or create.

Maritime Business College

Founded in 1899, Maritime Business College has provided advanced career training to thousands of students in Nova Scotia. The Instructors at Maritime Business College are trained and experienced experts in the industry. They provide a balance of theory and practical training that is the most comprehensive in Atlantic Canada. Insightful classroom instruction is complemented by practical training.

MBC graduates are also prepped for the job market. In addition to the core skills that are relevant to their program, students are taught the essential skills of how to market themselves, and how to succeed in the workplace. MBC also offers extensive career services to assist students with their job search.

Nova Scotia Community College

The Nova Scotia Community College, commonly referred to as NSCC, is a 14-campus community college located across the province of Nova Scotia.

NSCC delivers a diverse range of programs in the schools of Trades and Technology, Health and Human Services, Applied Arts, New Media, Business and Access.

The NSCC organization includes four nationally recognized specialized institutes [1]: the Nova Scotia Nautical Institute, the School of Fisheries, the Aviation Institute, and the Centre of Geographical Sciences[2] a world-renowned leader in Geomatics training. The college has a growing commitment to applied research [3], and has recently embarked on an ambitious international program [4].

Educating over 25,000 students a year, the NSCC provides the majority of technical and apprenticeship training in the province of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education

Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education (NSCECE) offers a two-year Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma program that is founded in several decades of research and developmentally appropriate practice. Students enrolled in the program are introduced to various courses dealing with children, families and the ECE profession and will acquire the knowledge, practices and skills that will develop high self-esteem, independence, and beginnings of social responsibilities.

The focus of their studies will be designing, implementing and evaluating developmentally appropriate curriculum ideas in an effort to support the growth and development of children from infancy to age 12. The program includes 870 classroom hours and 600 practicum hours. Students requiring flexibility in their schedule may enroll in evening courses on a part-time basis.

Graduates find employment in a variety of settings, including: childcare centres, schools, private home daycares, nursery schools, developmental centres. Over 95% of NSCECE graduates find ECE employment following graduation.

Sprott Shaw College

Sprott Shaw offers a different option beyond what is currently expected of the private and public sectors within the educational system. We offer accredited, relevant, respected education, and training delivered in a modern way. Also, our history sets us apart from other private institutions.

Success College

Success College is a Private Career College in business since 1893, and has been training graduates to excel in their chosen profession through hands-on, practical experience. With over 100 years of experience behind them, they are confident that their model of career education has evolved to offer the optimal combination of classroom instruction, practical hands-on learning and on-the-job experience. Every program is taught by industry experts, and students benefit directly from the breadth and depth of their experience. And their curriculum is developed so that students finish a 2 year program in just 60 weeks.